Telluride Transfer Warehouse

As one of three finalists shortlisted for the restoration of this historic sandstone ruin, Gluckman Tang allowed 110-years of built-in history, Telluride’s unique community needs, and the alpine mountain environment to guide our design approach.

GTA’s intervention preserves and celebrates the stone walls, using “a box within a box” strategy to maintain the integrity and character of the existing space, while creating two distinct spatial experiences for the visitor. Concrete was selected as the primary building material, quarried locally to generate a sympathetic but lighter color that relates closely to the stone walls. For the skylights, ceilings, and exposed roof assembly, slightly greyed wood complements and softens the concrete structures.

Telluride Arts’ eclectic programming schedule required multipurpose spaces that varied in terms of scale, dimension, enclosure, and lighting. Both the ‘Great Hall’ and ‘Amphitheater’ feature movable design elements that allow for dynamic shifts in layout. Seating retracts in the Amphitheater to create a dramatic double height gallery, with the option to extend an overhead platform that lengthens the Great Hall. ‘Stables’ gallery and ‘Table’ workspace are easily converted into catering and lounge space to host special events, with the adjacent ‘Café’ repurposed for bar service.

Without a roof since 1979, significant importance was placed on maintaining fluency between built and natural environment. Roof redesign orients visitors around an east facing fire pit with views of the box canyon, or a west facing terrace overlooking the gondola. Extensive skylights segment the deck, washing the enclosed ‘Loft’ exhibition space and ‘Office’ amenities in natural light.

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