Art Tower

This study for a gallery proposed an iconic, six story tower to allow the client to consolidate operations and maximize exhibition space on a reduced footprint, taking advantage of rezoning of the West Chelsea Neighborhood. The new building distributes additional exhibition space throughout, sharing administrative space in the tower. The top floor includes a generous, high-ceilinged, top-lit gallery with views west to the Hudson River.

The basic design strategy starts with the ‘as of right’ zoning envelope and torques the building to exploit its orientation towards the river. A series of models shows the evolutionary thinking that starts with studying the maximum buildable area within the Zoning Envelope and proceeds incrementally to the final design. The facade is conceived of as a screen of concrete that modulates the amount of light entering the building.

Phased construction would allow the gallery to remain in operation in the short term and during the development of two additional sections that maximize the remaining FAR available on the site.