Feb 28, 2019

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The Opening of the Brant Foundation Art Study Center featured in ArchDigest

“Our efforts were one part restoration and one part contemporary innovation,” says the firm’s Richard Gluckman, who has been familiar with the building for years. “Walter De Maria used to call me when he had problems—pipes bursting or insulation needing replacement,” he continues. “It was important to me to be respectful of the original building yet also to create subtle, nuanced innovations: to bring in natural light and open the ground floor up to the garden.”

Indeed, light shines through everywhere, from the fourth-floor skylight that doubles as the rooftop garden’s water feature, to the massive wall of windows installed at the back of the third floor that look onto an impressive panorama of Manhattan—and even in the sliver of window in the elevator that provides visitors with shafts of light and glimpses of artworks as they ascend and descend through the show.

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